Introducing our digital nomad guides…

Digital Nomad Guides

When we talk to people about our lifestyle, or when people read about it here on the blog, it’s not only the beautiful things they ask questions about. You also want the details – how we deal with taxes, insurance, visas and all the nitty gritty of everyday life. That’s why we’ve introduced a Digital Nomad Guides section on the blog. It has its own dedicated homepage and then is split into three sections: practical guides, destination guides, and digital nomad posts. The advice in these posts may also be useful to ex-pats, people working abroad, or gap year students – essentially anyone working remotely and without a fixed home.

Digital Nomad planning tips

The practical guides are split into two. The first one is a Digital Nomad Money Guide, which covers taxes, pensions, retirement planning and banking. The second one looks at all the other practical elements of digital nomad life including insurance, visas, voting, internet and telephones. Please feel free to add any other questions / advice you have in the comments.

Digital nomad location guides

The location guides cover some of the places we have worked as digital nomads so far, including Ubud, Barcelona and San Pancho. There are more coming soon, and we’d be interested in your own submissions too. Email Victoria if you have an idea.

Finally, the blog posts section features any posts we have ever published on the subject of digital nomadism.

We see this as a section with plenty of room to grow so, as I said before, please feel free to add any other questions you have, or any advice of your own. Thank you. We hope you find it useful.

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3 thoughts on “Introducing our digital nomad guides…”

  1. Interesting point … for example I started my travels around the world at my 18 years of age and even though it was not something my parents wanted very much, I followed my adventurous heart and I have been through more than 20 countries so far.

    Traveling is something that to me is addictive and incredible. But I only find it interesting when you have a cash income that does not depend on physical means to win. And I also really prefer to travel by car on the roads than by plane.

    You miss a lot of incredible things like amazing landscapes and places. But unforeseen events can happen and something unexpected happens. It is always great to be able to read and learn new tips and experiences on nomadism.

    I love traveling the world too 🙂

  2. This is an interesting subject. I am a nomad for 3 years and I have lived incredible experiences for the places I have already spent. The cool thing about traveling around the world is that we experience many different cultures, as well as being able to try different cuisines and visit beautiful places such as beaches and tourist sites.

  3. Thanks for sharing your digital nomad tips! We started our nomad journey earlier this year and have been starting to help others as well with our free nomad guide. We are also expecting our first little one in a few months so it’s been great checking out your blog on traveling with a baby!


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